Welcome to Run Jordan

The vision of the founders of the Association of Run Jordan in the establishment of an association of non-governmental high-performance and durable movement to organize sports racing for all. Assembly and seek to strengthen the position of Jordan as a destination sports world and to the support of our main effort, particularly the Jordanian Olympic Committee and the Jordanian Association of Athletics Federations.

The roots Run Jordan to Amman International Marathon, which was founded in 2009 to organize the first marathon in the capital Amman. Amman International Marathon was founded by the Greater Amman Municipality and the Association of the brain and nerves (a non-profit organization that has a long history in organizing marathons in the UK, most notably Oltramarathon the Dead Sea and the Red Sea half marathon). I have in mind here the supportive role played by the Beirut Marathon Association to establish the first marathon in the city of Amman in 2009. Having been four years in the organization of this marathon in the Jordanian capital, considered the founders of the Amman International Marathon, it is necessary to take a step to restructure the Amman International Marathon to become in the new version.

We must turn our words of thanks and gratitude to our partners in the Run Jordan illusion Greater Amman Municipality, the Tourism Board, the Jordan Olympic Committee, and the Committee Paralympic Jordan, and the Jordanian Association of Athletics Federations, the security services and public safety all, the International Association of Athletics Federations, the global body for racing long distances and many partners and sponsors from the private sector, which we all respect her appreciation.