Run Jordan Junior Runners Program

What is the Program?

The objective of the Run Jordan Junior Runners Program is to promote long distance running at government schools throughout Jordan, thereby empowering boys and girls aged 6-12 to achieve things that they never thought possible. By partnering with Madrasati, the Ministry of Education, and Aramex, Run Jordan will be able to reach a large number of government schools in some of the most underprivileged areas in Jordan. Our hope is that the Run Jordan Junior Runners program will help develop Jordanian champions and create future Olympians.

How will this program be structured?

The Run Jordan Junior Runners program will be implemented as part of regular physical education classes at government schools throughout Jordan. Coaches workshops will be held in order to instruct teachers/coaches on the following:

  • Running posture
  • Form
  • Pacing
  • Attitude
  • Basic athletic skills

These teachers/coaches will then use the skills that they learn in order to teach their students proper running techniques.

Motivating Teachers

Teachers in public schools will:

  • Enroll in training workshops organized by Run Jordan Staff and elite Jordanian runners
  • Receive training in the basics of local distance running and effective coaching methods in order to guide and motivate participating children
  • Be given resources to help implement the teaching modules in their own physical education classes
  • Receive certificates at the end of the training workshops and will receive recognition during an annual event organized by Run Jordan

Motivating Students

Male and Female students enrolled in the program will:

  • Receive certificates, t-shirts, and bracelets for different individual accomplishments
  • Participate in separate school races ranging from 1km to 4km at different locations throughout Jordan once every two months in order to encourage friendly competition
  • Receive incentives and support in the form of running shoes and clothes, according to the available budgetary resources
  • Receive incentives and encouragement to participate in running events organized by Run Jordan

An ongoing incentive programs will be implemented by Run Jordan for participating schools

Bringing in elite runners to mentor and motivate the participating school children
Partnering with private schools and other organizations to provide running gear and equipment
Organizing time trials and races between the participating schools
Sponsoring the participation of school children in the racing events organized by Run Jordan


If you would like to partner with us, either by sponsoring or providing in-kind support, please do not hesitate to contact us.